Our Life Together

Our life together in community draws its vitality from our life together in Sunday worship where we are SHAPED BY GOD’S WORD AND GRACED AT CHRIST’S TABLE.

The Divine has designs on us; to “shape” and “grace” us toward Christ-like wholeness and fullness of life. The same Spirit which was active in Christ Jesus desires to be at work in us; that we might become, “full of love…that the universe, all in heaven and all on earth might be brought into a unity…” (Ephesians 1)

So here are some of the ways in which the Spirit is at work in us and with us. Opportunities to participate and serve at NOCC and beyond are plentiful!

“FAMILY PACK” MINISTRY WITH BELL PRAIRIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL–Every Friday from September thru May we deliver about 20 backpacks full of nutritious food to children whose families are “food insecure” on weekends.

FULLER CENTER FOR HOUSING–We are active participants in this ministry which builds/rehabs homes for low income families. Fuller Center was founded by Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity.

CONTEMPLATIVE OUTREACH–Our pastor leads centering prayer workshops and retreats throughout greater Kansas City. Centering prayer is a very simple form of silent open-ness to God which dates to the earliest centuries of the Church. A centering prayer group meets twice monthly at North Oak.

ASH WEDNESDAY OBSERVANCE WITH HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC PARISH–This has been an annual tradition shared by our two congregations during over 30 years of friendship, expressing our hope for the future healing of divisions among Christians.

LENTEN SOUP SUPPERS–Every Wednesday evening during Lent (A season of 40 days preceding Easter) we gather for a simple meal of soup and bread while sharing in table conversations designed to deepen our faith.

MUSIC MINISTRY–There are ample opportunities for the musically minded to sing in our choir, play bells or any instrument of your choice on Sunday mornings and on other special occasions.

WOMEN’S AND MEN’S BIBLE DISCUSSION GROUPS—These groups are offered on a regular basis.

MEN’S BREAKFASTS AND A WOMEN’S BUNCO GROUP—These groups meet monthly, offering fun and relaxation with old and new friends.

SUNDAY SEEKERS Meets once a month on Sunday evenings for food/book discussion/and good company. Child care provided.


MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL MINISTRY—Meets Sunday evenings at 6PM to build community and explore the vastness of God’s love.

MOVIES AND MUNCHIES–We gather in homes to enjoy snacks and discuss a recent film with spiritual/theological themes. Don’t worry: you don’t have to be a “highbrow” movie critic to enjoy this group….just someone who enjoys movies!

DINNER FOR FRIENDS–These regular pot luck gatherings in homes offer opportunities to build friendships.

HEALING—A very simple quarterly Service of Prayer for Healing and Wholeness offers us the opportunity to light candles and pray for the world, for loved ones, for ourselves.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL–A summertime tradition at North Oak. Youth and adults will spend three evenings sharing a meal together followed by Bible-Themed music/crafts/games etc.

TALL OAKS CONFERENCE CENTER–Owned collectively by Disciples congregations in Kansas City, Tall Oaks welcomes volunteers to staff summer camps for children and youth ranging from 1 day to 6 day events. Or you may want to volunteer to help with the annual Tall Oaks Gala held at Arrowhead Stadium each October.

SUNDAY MORNING SERVANTS–Are needed each week to make coffee, provide hospitality and assist in worship.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR GIVING–Whenever disaster strikes people in any part of the world, our natural inclination is to ask, “How can I help?” We feel good about making gifts to our church-wide disaster relief effort called “Week of Compassion.” This global ministry works cooperatively with the most effective relief agencies in the world to bring immediate and long term comfort to victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, and political upheavals.

FACILITY HOSPITALITY/WORKDAYS–We expanded and renovated our facility in 2007 to offer the grace of hospitality to our neighbors. During the school year our building is in use 40 hours a week by community based ministries/programs including North Oak Preschool (734.9149) Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and music lessons. Care and enhancement of our facility and grounds offer ongoing opportunities to serve with others.

A growing and active Christian Community welcomes you!

“What happens between us when we come together to worship God is that the Holy Spirit swoops in and out among us, knitting us together through the songs we sing, the prayers we pray, the breaths we breathe. It can happen with two people and it can happen with two thousand people. It can scare us or comfort us, confuse us or clarify things for us, but as far as I can tell the Holy Spirit never bullies us. We are always free to choose whether or how we will respond.”

Barbara Brown Taylor—Theologian/Preacher

“Community is the living organism that communicates the Gospel message.”

Richard Rohr—-Priest/Author

Disciples of Christ