Life With Christ

Chross with purple drapeWe all have different ways of understanding what LIFE WITH CHRIST is, right? But the term does imply some manner of relationship. What characterizes that relationship for you? Perhaps you are just beginning to read the Bible or investigate what the Bible says about Jesus. You are welcome here. We believe you will find a community of support as you seek to learn more. Perhaps you grew up in a church and learned something of Jesus’ love. But life got in the way and now, after so many years, you are ready to re-engage with him. You will be among friends here.

Perhaps you have been disappointed by the church and you are not sure a life with Christ is worth the time and effort. We believe your spirit will be renewed among us.

Perhaps you consider yourself deeply committed to a life with Christ and your soul is yearning for an even deeper and more challenging encounter with him. We are ready to explore that yearning with you.

Perhaps you are none of the above and are full of questions and doubts, not sure what you are wanting or needing. You are welcome here. We can provide space for you to be who you are right now.

Life with Christ can be all of the above, and much more of course. We are all in different places in our lives with him. But we all have him in common. And in him all our lives are connected. As one of us grows in grace so all of us grow in grace. This is what we are learning together at North Oak.

We joyfully welcome you to come and see.

Disciples of Christ