North Oak Pre School

North Oak Preschool has been welcoming neighborhood children and families for three decades. A building expansion in 2007 provided ample space to quickly double enrollment to serve our growing Northland community.

The Preschool’s objective has always been to strive for excellence in offering children the opportunity to develop age appropriate skills in language, math and science, computer learning, gross and small motor movement, socialization, and self help.

We believe that every child grows at their own unique rate and style.

We believe that social, emotional, and intellectual growth are of equal importance to each child’s development.

We believe that families are important partners as they work with our teachers to maximize learning.

In a welcoming and affirming Christian atmosphere, our children experience the loving support and encouragement of our teachers. While our primary mission is focused on education, prayers at snack times and Bible stories serve to nurture their faith. With warm hospitality, we welcome children and families from other faith traditions or no faith tradition.

The North Oak Preschool entire school year is from August to May. Tuition is based on the entire school year and divided into 10 equal monthly installments no matter how many classes are in each month.

Class Schedule:

2 year olds   –   MWF 9:30-3:30   –   360.00/month

(Must be 2 on or before July 31st)

3-year olds   –   TTh 9:30-3:30   –   260.00/month

3-year olds   –   MWF 9:30-3:30   –   330.00/month

3-year olds   –   M-F 9:30-3:30   –   500.00/month

(Must be 3 on or before July 31st and potty trained)

4-year olds   –   TTh 9:30-3:30   –   260.00/month

4-year olds   –   MWF 9:30-3:30   –   330.00/month

4-year olds   –   M-F 9:30-3:30   –   500.00/month

(Must be 4 by July 31st and potty trained)

$60 non-refundable registration fee per student plus $15 workbook fee for Pre-K4 only due at time of enrollment.

Field trip fee of $40 is due for each enrolled student. Field trip fee will cover the cost of all field trips taken throughout the year.

For further information and to schedule a tour contact:

Kelly Sheehan, Director/Teacher (816) 734-9149,

Disciples of Christ

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