Hello friends. My name is Stacey Reynolds. I am from the beautiful, green, rolling hills and valleys of Pennsylvania Dutch country and have two wonderful children. After graduating, I attended college in North Carolina and I’ve lived in this area since 1996. My passions are Music and Art.

I had seen bells being played once when I was in high school and was amazed by how pretty they sounded and thought how fun it must be to ring them. I’ve played Drums and Piano in the past and now play Handbells and Ukulele. I learned how to play Handbells in 1998 and was a member for several years of Rezound! Handbell Ensemble, a Kansas City-based secular group. My youngest child had attended preschool at NOCC and through that connection, both of my children became acquainted with Pastor Rob and eventually asked if we could attend church service. I was glad the children felt a connection and when I began attending, I found the people to be friendly and welcoming. After deciding that NOCC was “home”,I was looking for a way in which I could be of service here, and luckily, they had a set of Handbells and needed a director.

Handbells are such a unique instrument and it is such a joy to play them. I am so glad I get to share that joy with others here at NOCC. Some have played before while others are beginners. It gives me even more joy to help the beginners and see them achieve their dreams of playing beautiful music. I think of the Handbell program here as a ministry not only to the congregation but to the ringers as well.

If you have any question or you’d like to get in touch please email me here

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