About the Disciples of Christ (old)

The Christian Church – Disciples of Christ is “…a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.”

We live out our life together as church in several ways.

WE ARE A WELCOMING FAITH COMMUNITY at 9900 North Oak Trafficway which is happy to welcome all people who hunger for a spiritual “home,” for an authentic and life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ, for a community wherein doubts, questions, and struggles are affirmed as part of the spiritual path even as are joy, boundless hope, and a deep, abiding peace.

WE ARE AN INCLUSIVE FAITH COMMUNITY whose founders almost 200 years ago dreamed of a church where participants were united not by a particular denominational creed or theological formulation but by the simple affirmation of Jesus as Son of the Living God. They dreamed of a non hierarchical church where members were granted the freedom and the sacred responsibility to prayerfully explore the meaning of that affirmation in their own lives while being nurtured and accountable to one another in community.

WE ARE A CELEBRATIVE FAITH COMMUNITY which focuses its corporate weekly worship around the loaf and the cup of the Lord’s Table, the definitive symbol and sacrament of Christ’s welcome, joyfully extended to all people in the grace of a forgiving God who desires to give us a share in the Divine life.

WE ARE AN INQUISITIVE FAITH COMMUNITY which treasures the Bible as an inspired witness to the acts of God in history, especially the gracious act of God in Jesus Christ, and which continues to be a living source of Divine wisdom, inspiration, and truth.

To learn more about the Disciples in Kansas City, visit kcdisciples.org; globally, visit disciples.org.

“United though not uniform, diverse but not divided, let us name our differences, then claim our common calling to be and share the good news of Jesus Christ…”

Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins

Disciples of Christ